3 Critical Tips When Starting A Baseball Card Collection

22 January 2018
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Baseball is America's national pastime and is a sport with so much rich history. You can take part in this history by collecting baseball cards. Even though this hobby is filled with challenges, you can maximize your time spent in it thanks to these tips. 

Know What's Valuable

If you're collecting baseball cards to make some profit later on, you need to know which cards are profitable and which ones have no value. Probably the most coveted in this industry is a rookie card, like the Mickey Mantle rookie card. This is the first card ever made of a particular player, and it can be worth thousands if you find the right player. For example, the 1909 Honus Wager rookie card is currently worth $300,000. 

Another route you might consider, although more time-consuming, is to collect complete sets of cards. Collectors always look to find a complete set because they know how much time and money went into this process. 

Assess Each Card's Condition 

After seeing a rare card displayed in a showcase, you may instantly want to purchase it. Before you do, however, you need to assess its condition because this attribute has a huge impact on its monetary value. There are several factors that determine a card's condition, including defects when it was printed, cut, and opened out of the package. 

Make sure the card has straight corners, doesn't contain duplicate images on both sides, and is free of creases. If you notice any signs of damage, don't immediately overlook the card. You could actually bargain with the seller and get them to come down on the sticker price. 

Diversify How You Collect

After a while, you may get set in your own collection ways. For example, you may only pay attention to specific baseball teams or buy strictly online. Although this helps you stay comfortable, it could impede your success of collecting valuable cards.

Instead, you should think about diversifying how you collect. Be open to buying from different sellers, both online and in person. Go after cards you may not be familiar with as well. This helps keep the hobby fun and fresh, which is important if you plan on being in it for decades. 

Starting your own baseball card collection can be a truly rewarding experience and something you can share with up-and-coming generations. Be sure to get the most out of this hobby by knowing what you want and just having fun with the process.