Establish These Rules Around Your Boxing Ring

28 November 2018
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A boxing club should have a long list of rules to help it operate effectively. Rules about what your members wear and how they behave are helpful, but you should also establish some rules that pertain to the boxing ring itself and the area around it. You've made a significant investment in your boxing club by purchasing a ring, so you want to take proper care of it — and this means that your club's members need to have a healthy respect for this piece of equipment. Read More 

3 Critical Tips When Starting A Baseball Card Collection

22 January 2018
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Baseball is America's national pastime and is a sport with so much rich history. You can take part in this history by collecting baseball cards. Even though this hobby is filled with challenges, you can maximize your time spent in it thanks to these tips.  Know What's Valuable If you're collecting baseball cards to make some profit later on, you need to know which cards are profitable and which ones have no value. Read More