Establish These Rules Around Your Boxing Ring

28 November 2018
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A boxing club should have a long list of rules to help it operate effectively. Rules about what your members wear and how they behave are helpful, but you should also establish some rules that pertain to the boxing ring itself and the area around it. You've made a significant investment in your boxing club by purchasing a ring, so you want to take proper care of it — and this means that your club's members need to have a healthy respect for this piece of equipment. Here are some various rules that you should establish around the ring.

Its Edge Isn't For Storage

It can be easy for your boxing club members to get into the habit of storing their various accessories on the edge of the boxing ring's mat. Doing so might seem convenient for those who don't wish to place their items on the floor, but there are numerous issues with this approach. First and foremost, items along the edge of the boxing ring's mat can be precarious for those who are training inside the ring. If the boxers are competing along the ropes, one of them could easily step on a gym bag or a water bottle and roll an ankle or fall. By establishing a rule that nothing should sit on the edge of the ring, you'll avoid such risks.

Don't Gather In The Corners

When people are sparring in the ring, it's commonplace for other members to congregate around the ring and watch. That's fine, but you should establish a rule that your members should stay out of the corners. Typically, you'll have a trainer working in each of the fighters' corners, and having other members gathered in these areas and perhaps shouting instructions can get chaotic. During the short break between rounds of sparring, your boxers need to be able to clearly hear their trainers' instructions — something that may prove to be a challenge with others speaking up in the area.

Make Smart Sanitary Decisions

You need to be sure that your boxers respect the ring. Sweat and blood can occasionally fall onto the ring's mat, and this is unavoidable. Your boxers should know, however, that they shouldn't spit or intentionally shake blood onto the ring mat. Typically, you'll have a bucket in each corner that the boxers can spit into between rounds. Making smart sanitary decisions of this nature isn't just about controlling germs and keeping the boxing ring in good shape. Bodily substances on the mat can often make it slippery, which could be a hazard for those in the ring.

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