Want To Take A Guided Fishing Excursion? 2 Tips To Help It Go Smoothly For You

25 October 2022
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Whether you are experienced at fishing or have no fishing experience at all, you will enjoy a guided fishing excursion. If you have never gone on one of these before, below are two tips so things can go smoothly for you, and you can have a good time on your excursion.

What to Pack

There are many things you should pack to go on your guided fishing excursion. First, the type of clothing is important, and you should dress in layers. This way, if it is cold in the morning and gets warmer in the afternoon you can simply remove a layer or two. Wear a windbreaker, as it will protect you if you get wet and can also keep you warm. Wear long pants if fishing on a lake or river and shorts if you are planning to fish in the tropics. Clothing that is light-colored is much better, as dark colors attract heat. 

Wear sneakers or any shoe that has a rubber sole, so you do not slip. You should never wear sandals or flip-flops on a fishing excursion. Purchase polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Bring along some sunscreen and make sure you keep it on you so you do not get a sunburn. If you will be going on a large boat and you get seasick, visit a doctor before you leave for medication to help with this. 

Talk With Your Fishing Guide

It is important that you speak with the person that will be guiding your fishing excursion before you leave. The guide will want to know how experienced you are at fishing, as well as the type of fishing you have done. You may be an angler who fishes in tournaments or someone who simply likes to fish on the weekends for pleasure.

The fishing guide will ask you how far you would like to travel on the water. You may want to spend an entire day on the water or only a few hours. This will also affect the price you pay for the guide. The guide will ask you if there are types of fish that you enjoy catching, such as bass, trout, catfish, etc. The guide will know the best spots to go to so you can catch the fish that you want. If you are on the ocean, you may be able to catch fish that are unfamiliar to you. 

Your guide for the guided fishing excursion can give you many tips to ensure you have a great time on your fishing trip.